How many types of paper clips are used

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In 1983, China's first creative seminar held in Nanning, Guangxi. At the beginning of the meeting, Japanese creative scholar Murakami Nobuyuki took to the rostrum and took out a paperclip. Participant: How many kinds of use of this needle?
Audience audience replied:
"You can do photos, you can clip handouts."
"Button off, you can use it instead."
"I used to play with it."
"You can use it without a toothpick."
"Bend him into a hook and go fishing."
"In the mountains, the poor girl bent it into earrings."
Everyone you I sentence, less than 10 minutes, we Couchu the 28 kinds.
Nobuyuki Murakami smiled, did not say anything, come up with a slide. The slides show people with clear images - there are more than 320 types of paper clips!
Murakami Shixiong invited the creation of scholars in China: Xu Guotai.
Mr. Xu Guotai explained: paper clips can be bent into 10 Arabic numerals and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and other mathematical symbols; can be bent into English, Latin, Russian letters; also can be bent into all the chemical and physical formula; , The world can express all the language, paper clips can be expressed. In addition, as the metal, paper clip and various acids and other chemicals can produce unknown reaction ... In this sense, the use of paper clips is infinite.
We all listen to stunned, quiet a few seconds later, the court applause sounded for a long time.


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